Just Desserts

Some desserts aren’t all that edible.

writesthelyricsgmailcom writesthelyricsgmailcom1 hour ago

We don’t deserve just desserts. Grace is the sweetest thing we can chew on.

Satan loves sweets. He must. Isn’t he always trying to entice us into eating our just desserts? Just this week he tried to place a whole smorgasbord of just desserts right up in the front of my mind, and I have to admit it was pretty enticing. He had a beautiful array, similar in nature to the dessert carts of the finest restaurants, of his form of sweet enticements laid out, all sitting ready for me to take the bite. I was tempted as I looked and saw such things as Regrets pie, Anger cake, Shame pudding, Guilt ice cream and the like, all there just for the taking.

As always, timing was everything in his mind. He knew that my mind had momentarily gone to some dark places from my past and he seized upon those moments by offering his just desserts in hopes that I would eat my fill and forget how filled I am with the grace given to me through Christ. Satan lost this particular battle, but I know that he will return in this or other ways. He always tries.

Do you live to eat just desserts, or do you live to continually remind yourself that you matter to God and that you have been filled, through Christ, with an everlasting grace that is so much more filling and palatable than just desserts?

I pray that you do. Please share your thoughts.

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