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Why do I do what I don’t want to do, and why don’t I do what ought to do?

Who am I seeing when I look into that mirror?

Am I seeing the real me, the person God designed me to be?

Am I living my eulogy?

Do Life Better Ministry strives to help you answer those questions by offering hope, encouragement, resources, and growth opportunities in your walk with Christ.

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What’s cooking?

The purpose of cooking, or the cooking experience, is to produce something to eat that is aesthetically appealing, tastes good, and provides nourishment for our bodies from a raw product(s). For example, we typically don’t eat meat products raw do we? When in that condition, it’s usually tough, doesn’t taste very good, and it hasContinue reading “What’s cooking?”

It’s okay

A good friend, and fellow author and blogger posted what follows. There is no attribute, and knowing Jason I would not be in the least bit surprised if it isn’t original. He’s a godly man and a deep thinker and he comes out with some wonderful stuff. Following the post I have posted the linkContinue reading “It’s okay”

Scripture…..the cow way

In my book Dog Walk Talk; while I’m walking, God’s talking one of the life snippets in the book was titled Great Big Cow. The snippet came about because big fella is a guy I see almost every day….and I experienced a God lesson from him. Yes, he is huge. Yes, those brown and whiteContinue reading “Scripture…..the cow way”

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