Decency Invaded

It’s an invasion. It’s more than a revolution. It’s a Trans-volution, and it is insidious, evil, and completely of the devil. And worse yet, it’s at the hands of a very small percentage of the population. It’s ideological grooming at its finest, and it is taking place in schools all across the country where theContinue reading “Decency Invaded”

The Great Reset

Globally, there is much talk these days about “the great reset” concept. It’s somewhat of a geo-political hot topic. In fact, it is a divisive topic. Understandably, there is a fair amount of confusion about the supposed realities of the concept. It’s a concept that has much of the thinking world on edge, whether proContinue reading “The Great Reset”


The reality of certain situations can often be harsh…. really harsh. That reality can often crush well-meant intentions. When those intentions are based on love for a fellow human, the crush is painful to the heart, and a deep sadness evolves. Such is the case now. While I try hard to not act it, andContinue reading “Help”

Mama Bear

As a family we would periodically take a Saturday visit to the zoo. It was a relatively inexpensive and great day experience for a family with seven kids. The kids would wind down and wear out from exploring all that there was to see. My wife and I would be able to share some oftenContinue reading “Mama Bear”

Head vs Heart

What’s more important? “The world is full of educated fools”. “Book smart, not street smart.” The distance from the brain to the heart, on average, is 12 to 14 inches. That’s a 12-to-14-inch stretch that makes all the difference in the world in where our faith ultimately lies. For the Christian it also makes allContinue reading “Head vs Heart”


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