Stories to tell

If that tree could talk, I’m sure it could share plenty of stories–both good and bad. Just a look at the unusual beauty of the aging process the tree has experienced brings to mind a plethora of possible scenarios it has lived through in its existence here on mother earth. The tree shares a uniqueContinue reading “Stories to tell”

What’s cooking?

The purpose of cooking, or the cooking experience, is to produce something to eat that is aesthetically appealing, tastes good, and provides nourishment for our bodies from a raw product(s). For example, we typically don’t eat meat products raw do we? When in that condition, it’s usually tough, doesn’t taste very good, and it hasContinue reading “What’s cooking?”

It’s okay

A good friend, and fellow author and blogger posted what follows. There is no attribute, and knowing Jason I would not be in the least bit surprised if it isn’t original. He’s a godly man and a deep thinker and he comes out with some wonderful stuff. Following the post I have posted the linkContinue reading “It’s okay”

He gots the whistle!

Whistles. Teachers on playgrounds sometimes have them. Referees at football games always have them to use for whenever infractions occur or the play is deemed ended. People who train dogs use them. Cops often use it when directing traffic. Movie directors use them. Sometimes even parents have them when they take the little guys toContinue reading “He gots the whistle!”

The “no” word

Two little letters. One small word. A huge impact. An enormous amount of time. Untold how many examples of broken trust, busted relationships, and horrid behavior patterns. I can’t speak about the women in regards to this post because I simply don’t know how much impact the word “no” has had on them in theContinue reading “The “no” word”

Don’t sell. Tell.

Friendship is a great thing. I don’t personally know of anyone who doesn’t have a best friend–or several (yes, it’s possible). Best friends are most often those with whom you mutually share the raw truths about what is really going on inside you. Those truths usually include the happy things, the hurts and pains oneContinue reading “Don’t sell. Tell.”


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