Joe Miller and Do Life Better Ministry.

Out of the ashes of a decades long broken life, a man of God arose, not of his own doing, but through the work of the Holy Spirit working through many people over a long period of time. They were folks who didn’t give up and who saw what laid beneath the crust and barnacles that surrounded his heart. They were folks who loved him unconditionally and continued to walk alongside him, behind him, and in front of him as friends and mentors on his journey toward spiritual wholeness. They lived their eulogy and provided a wholesome model for Joe to follow.

Joe’s journey had led him through decades of darkness into what is now best described as a time of significant spiritual enlightenment. Because of his deep devotion to God, His purpose, and His will, Joe has dedicated the balance of his life to helping others in their walk of spiritual growth.

He is a published author and songwriter, a small group leader of many years of men’s small groups, an elder of a national men’s ministry, and an active blogger and retreat facilitator. He also accepts speaking engagements.

Joe is not a “formal” pastor, nor a trained theologian. His brand of ministering is akin to that of a street pastor….one willing to meet anyone where they are at in life without judgement, loving the unlovable, and patiently giving of himself to help those people meet the Lord in their own way and time.

Joe’s formal education includes a Master’s Degree (with honors) in Criminal Justice Management, and a slew of PhD’s from the University of Hard Knocks. A couple of those Doctorates are in screwing up life and relationship busting, and he excelled at both.

Joe launched the Do Life Better Ministry in 2020 to formalize what his personal life has led him to–living his eulogy. It is the both the purpose and the goal of the ministry to use the many available forms of media to continue to reach out to those seeking spiritual stability and growth in their lives. add another page.

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