Head vs Heart

What’s more important? “The world is full of educated fools”. “Book smart, not street smart.” The distance from the brain to the heart, on average, is 12 to 14 inches. That’s a 12-to-14-inch stretch that makes all the difference in the world in where our faith ultimately lies. For the Christian it also makes allContinue reading “Head vs Heart”

Don’t sell. Tell.

Friendship is a great thing. I don’t personally know of anyone who doesn’t have a best friend–or several (yes, it’s possible). Best friends are most often those with whom you mutually share the raw truths about what is really going on inside you. Those truths usually include the happy things, the hurts and pains oneContinue reading “Don’t sell. Tell.”

Stop it!

As I was thinking through this post, I found myself glancing back to my elementary school classroom of decades ago. Things were very different then. We’d (oh yes, I’m including myself) cut up, misbehave, and be disruptive until we heard the bellow from Miss What-ever-her-name-was….” stop it right now”. At that point, we’d know thatContinue reading “Stop it!”