“This too will pass.” “You gotta gut it out.” “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Those are things I heard a lot as a youngster. Though I wouldn’t have listened then, they were all legitimate responses by a mature responsible adult to those times when some of my-ways were being threatened. Sometimes, gasp, even scriptureContinue reading “My-ways…..”

What can the new year bring?

As you read the title and looked at the picture, I can understand if you may have wondered what this post was about. Perhaps you thought, though incorrectly, that there is a marriage looming on the horizon. Or maybe you thought a trip to some beautiful area is in the books. Not exactly. Both thoughts,Continue reading “What can the new year bring?”

I am enough. So are you.

I am enough. I am not God. You are enough. You are not God. We are enough. As His people, we are enough. Let’s just live as if we are enough. We don’t have anything to prove because we are wonderfully made in His image. We don’t have to be anything more than His child.Continue reading “I am enough. So are you.”

It’s your own business…’s NOT a nanny state matter

I don’t care if you got the jab or not. It’s your own business whether you wanted one and got one, or you didn’t. I could care less either way. Conversely, it’s none of your business whether I took the jab or not. I honor your decision either way and simply ask that you honorContinue reading “It’s your own business…’s NOT a nanny state matter”


Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels In the past year and a half there has been plenty to worry or have anxiety about. Coronavirus, lockdowns, loss of jobs, the effects of restrictions on everyone, what the “new normal” will be, what anything about the future will be, and the list goes on. The truth is, there has alwaysContinue reading “Worry-Anxiety”

How did the ministry start, and where will it go? God only knows, but that’s good enough for me.

Tugs, tugs, tugs at the heart….over a long period of time. It’s almost as if He has been gently whispering into my ear, “Go for it–do it” for quite a while now. He kept at it, kept waiting. He’s patient like that you know. I did all of the typical balking, making of excuses, rationalizing,Continue reading “How did the ministry start, and where will it go? God only knows, but that’s good enough for me.”