“This too will pass.” “You gotta gut it out.” “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Those are things I heard a lot as a youngster. Though I wouldn’t have listened then, they were all legitimate responses by a mature responsible adult to those times when some of my-ways were being threatened. Sometimes, gasp, even scriptureContinue reading “My-ways…..”

I am enough. So are you.

I am enough. I am not God. You are enough. You are not God. We are enough. As His people, we are enough. Let’s just live as if we are enough. We don’t have anything to prove because we are wonderfully made in His image. We don’t have to be anything more than His child.Continue reading “I am enough. So are you.”

It’s your own business…’s NOT a nanny state matter

I don’t care if you got the jab or not. It’s your own business whether you wanted one and got one, or you didn’t. I could care less either way. Conversely, it’s none of your business whether I took the jab or not. I honor your decision either way and simply ask that you honorContinue reading “It’s your own business…’s NOT a nanny state matter”

Music spoke to me…..again.

I’ve loved this song since it first came out. It never fails to give me a spark and a boost. It’s always been a happy song for me to hear, one that I seem to hear right when I need that happy boost the most. Except for the other day, that is. It came onContinue reading “Music spoke to me…..again.”

Leave the light on

In 1986 a fresh voice hit the airwaves of America. It was the voice of Tom Bodett who touted Motel 6, and always ended the commercial with “I’m Tom Bodett from Motel 6, and we’ll leave the light on for you.” His voice, a very pleasing, melodious voice captured America and he became an iconContinue reading “Leave the light on”

Not all division is okay

Our hearts were marvelously created to move our blood through the veins and arteries of our bodies. There are four chambers within that closed container whose sole purpose is to pump that blood. Our blood is no different than the blood of Jesus that ran on that day He shed it for us all. ThereContinue reading “Not all division is okay”

The YouTube for Life

During the past few years, this crusty old salt has leaned into YouTube more and more for good purposes instead of for purely entertainment reasons. That’s because I discovered (yes, duh!!) that I can consistently find at least several videos about fixing things, and I’m in the fixing business. And, that means that I learnContinue reading “The YouTube for Life”