Decency Invaded

It’s an invasion. It’s more than a revolution. It’s a Trans-volution, and it is insidious, evil, and completely of the devil. And worse yet, it’s at the hands of a very small percentage of the population. It’s ideological grooming at its finest, and it is taking place in schools all across the country where theContinue reading “Decency Invaded”

The Illinois cesspool called education

In yet another example, the educational system in Illinois (correct spelling should be Hellinois), has shown just how warped, twisted, evil, sick, and completely devoid of decency it is. Remember, this is the system that provides public education for your C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N. Your kids, the youth of tomorrow. If you have any doubt just how warped,Continue reading “The Illinois cesspool called education”

Are there still any real A,B,C’s?

What is the country coming to? Is moral turpitude the new normal? What are future generations going to look like here? Where is God in all of this? Where are you? Seeing things like the above video, and reading articles such as THIS and THIS churn my stomach. Yes, I am old school. Yes, IContinue reading “Are there still any real A,B,C’s?”

Future Perversion and Godlessness

The bible, prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, the 3 R’s in the classroom. That blend and atmosphere of healthy based education–GONE. Now what you see above, the classroom, has become a FFIC…..a federally funded indoctrination center. The war on our kids minds hasn’t started. That started decades ago when, becauseContinue reading “Future Perversion and Godlessness”