Are there still any real A,B,C’s?

What is the country coming to? Is moral turpitude the new normal? What are future generations going to look like here? Where is God in all of this? Where are you? Seeing things like the above video, and reading articles such as THIS and THIS churn my stomach. Yes, I am old school. Yes, IContinue reading “Are there still any real A,B,C’s?”

Don’t sell. Tell.

Friendship is a great thing. I don’t personally know of anyone who doesn’t have a best friend–or several (yes, it’s possible). Best friends are most often those with whom you mutually share the raw truths about what is really going on inside you. Those truths usually include the happy things, the hurts and pains oneContinue reading “Don’t sell. Tell.”

Could personal liberty be in jeopardy?

A question which once seemed unfathomable and unthinkable seems to be awakening in the minds, and sometimes the voices, of thinking people across our land. It’s a question with ominous overtones–are we starting to see the loss of our personal freedoms on a greater level than ever before and what may lie ahead for usContinue reading “Could personal liberty be in jeopardy?”

I am enough. So are you.

I am enough. I am not God. You are enough. You are not God. We are enough. As His people, we are enough. Let’s just live as if we are enough. We don’t have anything to prove because we are wonderfully made in His image. We don’t have to be anything more than His child.Continue reading “I am enough. So are you.”

That’s a LOT of money

No matter how you might slice it, this post will most likely come off as judgmental, at the very least to some folks. So before I begin this short wonderment (yep, I’m simply wondering “what if” in it) let me make myself clear. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the concept of freeContinue reading “That’s a LOT of money”

Leave the light on

In 1986 a fresh voice hit the airwaves of America. It was the voice of Tom Bodett who touted Motel 6, and always ended the commercial with “I’m Tom Bodett from Motel 6, and we’ll leave the light on for you.” His voice, a very pleasing, melodious voice captured America and he became an iconContinue reading “Leave the light on”

Ain’t no room for it

Color of skin: not important, not an issue. Shape: doesn’t matter if one is large or small, short or tall. Ethnicity: Nope, not a concern. Status:  Not our business. Background: makes no difference. Financial status: What about it? Doesn’t matter. Influence: We are all equals in the eyes of God. Political beliefs: Who cares? Title: SeeContinue reading “Ain’t no room for it”

Not all division is okay

Our hearts were marvelously created to move our blood through the veins and arteries of our bodies. There are four chambers within that closed container whose sole purpose is to pump that blood. Our blood is no different than the blood of Jesus that ran on that day He shed it for us all. ThereContinue reading “Not all division is okay”

Awwwww, for the love of Jesus

Did the title grab your attention? It’s one of those sayings that one hears (or says) every once in a while, from one who is pretending not to swear, or is trying to swear politely. Typically, they are trying to avoid some of the harsher four plus letter words we might normally hear when oneContinue reading “Awwwww, for the love of Jesus”