Doubt ≠ Dissing

There are some notables in the Bible who are rightfully castigated, Judas perhaps at the top of the heap. But his actions had to occur in order for God’s ultimate plan for salvation to unfold. There are those who scurried on across to the other side of the road to avoid contact with the JewContinue reading “Doubt ≠ Dissing”

Potholes along the way

Yes, they’re real. Both the pothole and the “repair” to it. I was turning into a shopping center off of a busy highway in our area and almost hit it…. the repair. So, I had to stop and back up to get a quick shot of it to help memorialize someone’s fantastic sense of humor.Continue reading “Potholes along the way”

Grey Roads

With GPS, phones, tablets, voices over the car speaker giving me directions these days, maps, as some of us olders know them, are a thing of the past. I’m talking map maps, real maps–maps on paper that you could hold, fold, tear, and spill coffee on. They had blue roads (the really big roads), redContinue reading “Grey Roads”

Is your cup empty?

People often seem to fall into the trap of trying to do too much. I’ve sometimes thought, facetiously, that it is simply in our DNA to do so. Perhaps it is an implied or even unstated part of our culture that we do it. There is, I think, the possibility that Christians, in particular, fallContinue reading “Is your cup empty?”

Are there still any real A,B,C’s?

What is the country coming to? Is moral turpitude the new normal? What are future generations going to look like here? Where is God in all of this? Where are you? Seeing things like the above video, and reading articles such as THIS and THIS churn my stomach. Yes, I am old school. Yes, IContinue reading “Are there still any real A,B,C’s?”

Don’t sell. Tell.

Friendship is a great thing. I don’t personally know of anyone who doesn’t have a best friend–or several (yes, it’s possible). Best friends are most often those with whom you mutually share the raw truths about what is really going on inside you. Those truths usually include the happy things, the hurts and pains oneContinue reading “Don’t sell. Tell.”

Could personal liberty be in jeopardy?

A question which once seemed unfathomable and unthinkable seems to be awakening in the minds, and sometimes the voices, of thinking people across our land. It’s a question with ominous overtones–are we starting to see the loss of our personal freedoms on a greater level than ever before and what may lie ahead for usContinue reading “Could personal liberty be in jeopardy?”