Little Joey

“One faces the future with one’s past.” Pearl s. buck I’m Little Joey. I live in an old man’s body. He’s now called Joe. Joe doesn’t like it, but often I determine what he says and how he says it. I sometimes guide how he reacts to others and how he acts and behaves. And,Continue reading “Little Joey”

Scripture…..the cow way

In my book Dog Walk Talk; while I’m walking, God’s talking one of the life snippets in the book was titled Great Big Cow. The snippet came about because big fella is a guy I see almost every day….and I experienced a God lesson from him. Yes, he is huge. Yes, those brown and whiteContinue reading “Scripture…..the cow way”

Great Big Cow

In my second book, Dog Walk Talk; while I’m walking, God’s talking (pub. 6/20) I wrote a life anecdote titled “Great Big Cow”. That piece was one of my favorites to write because, as I noted in the anecdote, I had seen that huge cow almost every day for three years as I went toContinue reading “Great Big Cow”

Are you living in a pig sty?

There aren’t too many things nastier than a pig sty. They stink and they are filthy. They are sloppy because pigs love slop. They can wallow in the slop all day long and be happy doing it. It is in their nature. It is what they are used to. They know nothing else. Some ofContinue reading “Are you living in a pig sty?”

Trouble Makers

Spoiler alert:  This post is outside of the box and is specifically directed toward men. It is subject matter men are familiar with but don’t talk very much about. The subjects are relationship killers, maturity inhibitors, and soul deadeners. Very, very few men can avoid the troublemakers of their life and many are not transparentContinue reading “Trouble Makers”