Don’t sell. Tell.

Friendship is a great thing. I don’t personally know of anyone who doesn’t have a best friend–or several (yes, it’s possible). Best friends are most often those with whom you mutually share the raw truths about what is really going on inside you. Those truths usually include the happy things, the hurts and pains oneContinue reading “Don’t sell. Tell.”

Could personal liberty be in jeopardy?

A question which once seemed unfathomable and unthinkable seems to be awakening in the minds, and sometimes the voices, of thinking people across our land. It’s a question with ominous overtones–are we starting to see the loss of our personal freedoms on a greater level than ever before and what may lie ahead for usContinue reading “Could personal liberty be in jeopardy?”

I am enough. So are you.

I am enough. I am not God. You are enough. You are not God. We are enough. As His people, we are enough. Let’s just live as if we are enough. We don’t have anything to prove because we are wonderfully made in His image. We don’t have to be anything more than His child.Continue reading “I am enough. So are you.”

It’s your own business…’s NOT a nanny state matter

I don’t care if you got the jab or not. It’s your own business whether you wanted one and got one, or you didn’t. I could care less either way. Conversely, it’s none of your business whether I took the jab or not. I honor your decision either way and simply ask that you honorContinue reading “It’s your own business…’s NOT a nanny state matter”

Future Perversion and Godlessness

The bible, prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, the 3 R’s in the classroom. That blend and atmosphere of healthy based education–GONE. Now what you see above, the classroom, has become a FFIC…..a federally funded indoctrination center. The war on our kids minds hasn’t started. That started decades ago when, becauseContinue reading “Future Perversion and Godlessness”

Stop it!

As I was thinking through this post, I found myself glancing back to my elementary school classroom of decades ago. Things were very different then. We’d (oh yes, I’m including myself) cut up, misbehave, and be disruptive until we heard the bellow from Miss What-ever-her-name-was….” stop it right now”. At that point, we’d know thatContinue reading “Stop it!”

Multiple Marriages

Photo by Heiner from Pexels According to a Pew Research Center report divorce has become less common in the younger set. But, “grey divorce” is becoming more common. My wife and I have been married for 44 years, and in all those years the topic of divorce has only come up one time. That was during a disagreementContinue reading “Multiple Marriages”