Awwwww, for the love of Jesus

Did the title grab your attention? It’s one of those sayings that one hears (or says) every once in a while, from one who is pretending not to swear, or is trying to swear politely. Typically, they are trying to avoid some of the harsher four plus letter words we might normally hear when oneContinue reading “Awwwww, for the love of Jesus”

The YouTube for Life

During the past few years, this crusty old salt has leaned into YouTube more and more for good purposes instead of for purely entertainment reasons. That’s because I discovered (yes, duh!!) that I can consistently find at least several videos about fixing things, and I’m in the fixing business. And, that means that I learnContinue reading “The YouTube for Life”

Great Big Cow

In my second book, Dog Walk Talk; while I’m walking, God’s talking (pub. 6/20) I wrote a life anecdote titled “Great Big Cow”. That piece was one of my favorites to write because, as I noted in the anecdote, I had seen that huge cow almost every day for three years as I went toContinue reading “Great Big Cow”

Are you living in a pig sty?

There aren’t too many things nastier than a pig sty. They stink and they are filthy. They are sloppy because pigs love slop. They can wallow in the slop all day long and be happy doing it. It is in their nature. It is what they are used to. They know nothing else. Some ofContinue reading “Are you living in a pig sty?”

Going to the dogs? Maybe we should.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always loved dogs. I proudly wear my hat (shown above) to affirm my affinity for the four-legged fur-babies who have so insanely enriched my life. I have often spoken about the fact that I am sure that God has a sense of humor as indicated by HisContinue reading “Going to the dogs? Maybe we should.”

Trouble Makers

Spoiler alert:  This post is outside of the box and is specifically directed toward men. It is subject matter men are familiar with but don’t talk very much about. The subjects are relationship killers, maturity inhibitors, and soul deadeners. Very, very few men can avoid the troublemakers of their life and many are not transparentContinue reading “Trouble Makers”