Jesus, a caveman?

Photo by Athena from Pexels The word caveman brings up a mental image of Fred Flintstone doesn’t it? A synonymous word is Neanderthal, and descriptors would certainly include such things as boorish, dumb, crude and rude, and clumsy. Perhaps cavemen were the precursors to today’s thugs, or maybe habitual beer swilling sweaty permanently unclean men wearing dago teesContinue reading “Jesus, a caveman?”

Music spoke to me…..again.

I’ve loved this song since it first came out. It never fails to give me a spark and a boost. It’s always been a happy song for me to hear, one that I seem to hear right when I need that happy boost the most. Except for the other day, that is. It came onContinue reading “Music spoke to me…..again.”

That’s a LOT of money

No matter how you might slice it, this post will most likely come off as judgmental, at the very least to some folks. So before I begin this short wonderment (yep, I’m simply wondering “what if” in it) let me make myself clear. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the concept of freeContinue reading “That’s a LOT of money”

Stinks made no difference

To most folks it’s pleasant when someone enters a room and as they do an amazingly wonderful smell of a soft perfume or cologne wafts through the air. The smell is not too strong, nor too weak—it’s just right. It’s not pungent or overwhelming. It’s a tasteful and pleasant smell. I’m always tempted to complimentContinue reading “Stinks made no difference”

Leave the light on

In 1986 a fresh voice hit the airwaves of America. It was the voice of Tom Bodett who touted Motel 6, and always ended the commercial with “I’m Tom Bodett from Motel 6, and we’ll leave the light on for you.” His voice, a very pleasing, melodious voice captured America and he became an iconContinue reading “Leave the light on”

Ain’t no room for it

Color of skin: not important, not an issue. Shape: doesn’t matter if one is large or small, short or tall. Ethnicity: Nope, not a concern. Status:  Not our business. Background: makes no difference. Financial status: What about it? Doesn’t matter. Influence: We are all equals in the eyes of God. Political beliefs: Who cares? Title: SeeContinue reading “Ain’t no room for it”

Not all division is okay

Our hearts were marvelously created to move our blood through the veins and arteries of our bodies. There are four chambers within that closed container whose sole purpose is to pump that blood. Our blood is no different than the blood of Jesus that ran on that day He shed it for us all. ThereContinue reading “Not all division is okay”