Dig Deeper

One thing I have discovered about my life is that just about the time I think I might have it figured out a rude awakening slaps me upside the face. The rude awakening is typically a not-so-subtle reminder in some form that I have only begun to scratch the surface of whatever issue it mightContinue reading “Dig Deeper”

It’s not a bowl of jelly beans…

I happened to catch THIS ARTICLE today. Though it is over seven years old, I thought it was cringeworthy enough to share, if only from the standpoint that if the study were to be updated, the numbers would certainly be much higher. Talk about an indictment on society! Spoiler alert folks……while the lies in theContinue reading “It’s not a bowl of jelly beans…”

What’s cooking?

The purpose of cooking, or the cooking experience, is to produce something to eat that is aesthetically appealing, tastes good, and provides nourishment for our bodies from a raw product(s). For example, we typically don’t eat meat products raw do we? When in that condition, it’s usually tough, doesn’t taste very good, and it hasContinue reading “What’s cooking?”

Scripture…..the cow way

In my book Dog Walk Talk; while I’m walking, God’s talking one of the life snippets in the book was titled Great Big Cow. The snippet came about because big fella is a guy I see almost every day….and I experienced a God lesson from him. Yes, he is huge. Yes, those brown and whiteContinue reading “Scripture…..the cow way”

Are there still any real A,B,C’s?

What is the country coming to? Is moral turpitude the new normal? What are future generations going to look like here? Where is God in all of this? Where are you? Seeing things like the above video, and reading articles such as THIS and THIS churn my stomach. Yes, I am old school. Yes, IContinue reading “Are there still any real A,B,C’s?”

He gots the whistle!

Whistles. Teachers on playgrounds sometimes have them. Referees at football games always have them to use for whenever infractions occur or the play is deemed ended. People who train dogs use them. Cops often use it when directing traffic. Movie directors use them. Sometimes even parents have them when they take the little guys toContinue reading “He gots the whistle!”