Do you have a big mouth?

Way back in my entrepreneurial days I did things just a bit different than my competition did when it came to promoting my services. When I had my window cleaning/cleaning service business it grew from a one-man operation (moi) to a multi-truck 22 employee operation. First, my model was not focused on mass production, butContinue reading “Do you have a big mouth?”

Lingo & language

I had a great friend who grew up “on da Sout Side.” Specifically, “69t and Sout freaking Loomis” to be exact. You see, my friend grew up in what is locally known as the South Side of Chicago. For your edification, those who grew up on the North Side seldom pronounced it “da Nort Side.”Continue reading “Lingo & language”

On a scale of…..

There are many different scales to weigh things from huge to tiny…. but they all weigh something. There are musical scales, which are something I know nothing about except that because of I like music and singing…. something most of us appreciate and love. There are scales of justice, which is a metaphor for truthContinue reading “On a scale of…..”

One’s made for picking, one’s not

The top picture shows some cherry trees. The bottom picture is the Bible. Cherry trees grow cherries. The Bible doesn’t. It grows lives. Cherry trees get picked for their cherries. The Bible should never get cherry picked. The Bible wasn’t made to adapt to your life. It was made to change your life…. even ifContinue reading “One’s made for picking, one’s not”

Is your cup empty?

People often seem to fall into the trap of trying to do too much. I’ve sometimes thought, facetiously, that it is simply in our DNA to do so. Perhaps it is an implied or even unstated part of our culture that we do it. There is, I think, the possibility that Christians, in particular, fallContinue reading “Is your cup empty?”

Life’s book, part 2

Recently, I had the opportunity to share some of my heretofore deeply personal “stuff” with a very, very dear brother. This brother and I had entered into a natural accountability relationship over the course of the past year. He knows a lot about the now me that he sees and has seen, but he hasContinue reading “Life’s book, part 2”

Life’s book, part 1

Over the past couple of years or so I have heard a lot of chatter about testimonies. No, not the type related to courts of law, but people’s testimonies–specifically how they came to Christ and how their lives were changed as a result. Folks have asked me “what’s your testimony?” or have raised the matterContinue reading “Life’s book, part 1”