Doubt ≠ Dissing

There are some notables in the Bible who are rightfully castigated, Judas perhaps at the top of the heap. But his actions had to occur in order for God’s ultimate plan for salvation to unfold. There are those who scurried on across to the other side of the road to avoid contact with the JewContinue reading “Doubt ≠ Dissing”

Potholes along the way

Yes, they’re real. Both the pothole and the “repair” to it. I was turning into a shopping center off of a busy highway in our area and almost hit it…. the repair. So, I had to stop and back up to get a quick shot of it to help memorialize someone’s fantastic sense of humor.Continue reading “Potholes along the way”


“This too will pass.” “You gotta gut it out.” “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Those are things I heard a lot as a youngster. Though I wouldn’t have listened then, they were all legitimate responses by a mature responsible adult to those times when some of my-ways were being threatened. Sometimes, gasp, even scriptureContinue reading “My-ways…..”

Chasing rainbows

Rainbows mean different things, to different people, at different times, in different ways–actually perhaps more often than one might think. They are always spoken of as beautiful. At least I have personally never heard anyone say, “what an ugly rainbow!” They are serene looking, pleasant looking, almost calming in nature. Fittingly so, I would suggest,Continue reading “Chasing rainbows”

Gift return season

Ahhhhh, the Christmas season. Along with everything else that it brings, it brings gifts. Gifts that we give and gifts that we receive. It typically brings a sense of peace as well, if only because it’s a season where we can reflect on some of the important things in life. Like family. Like Jesus. LikeContinue reading “Gift return season”

Grey Roads

With GPS, phones, tablets, voices over the car speaker giving me directions these days, maps, as some of us olders know them, are a thing of the past. I’m talking map maps, real maps–maps on paper that you could hold, fold, tear, and spill coffee on. They had blue roads (the really big roads), redContinue reading “Grey Roads”