Decency Invaded

It’s an invasion. It’s more than a revolution. It’s a Trans-volution, and it is insidious, evil, and completely of the devil. And worse yet, it’s at the hands of a very small percentage of the population. It’s ideological grooming at its finest, and it is taking place in schools all across the country where the minds of the young–your children–are being twisted by those with whom they come in contact for hours a day. Their teachers.

Kids as young as PRESCHOOLERS are effectively being brainwashed in a (to them) very believable manner by sickos posing as educators….perverted, godless, sickos. There is no limit, it seems, to what these indoctrinators are pumping into the minds of our young, the future of society. Worse, there seems to be precious little anyone, or any entity is doing about it…..other than going along for the ride. I am of the opinion that within a decade or two America is going to implode in itself. It will eat itself alive from within, and decency will be a thing of the past.

Why do I feel this way? Because I keep reading an onslaught of articles (no….you will never see them in the formerly mainstream media (now the lame stream media). They and the “entertainment industry” (now another brainwashing/indoctrination arm and tool of the few) make it a point to embrace perversion in the name of inclusiveness. They have now taken that embrace to a whole other level–put the perversion out there and dare anyone to do anything about it. Can you spell Disney, for instance?

Here is an article that I read today: . I invite you to read it and throw up.

God help us!

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