The Great Reset

The true great reset starts here and only here

Globally, there is much talk these days about “the great reset” concept. It’s somewhat of a geo-political hot topic. In fact, it is a divisive topic. Understandably, there is a fair amount of confusion about the supposed realities of the concept. It’s a concept that has much of the thinking world on edge, whether pro or con. The unknowns of it fuel suspicion and fear, and the knowns of it promotes behaviors and actions that are questionable at times.

Power, politics, money, intellect, and biases fuel the supposed movement known as “the great reset” that we read about in “the news” on occasion. At its core, “they” know what is best for “us”.

The Bible is the only truth that has ever been provided to mankind to guide any reset. Reset begins in the heart of the individual person and is not something that is mandated by anything other than God. National leaders don’t create resets, nor do consortiums of wealthy “intellectuals”. They do not know what is best for mankind, nor do they have any right to demand compliance with anything beyond the scope of what is contained in God’s word.

There is a vast difference between “the great reset” we hear about on the “news” and The Great Reset we read about in the Good News–the Bible. I’ll stick with the later, thank you.

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