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The reality of certain situations can often be harsh…. really harsh. That reality can often crush well-meant intentions. When those intentions are based on love for a fellow human, the crush is painful to the heart, and a deep sadness evolves. Such is the case now.

While I try hard to not act it, and through actions try to deny it, the reality is that I am old. I got slapped in the face with that reality recently and it made me angry, sad, and feeling completely helpless. But not hopeless. I had been told, very bluntly and directly, that “you’re too old.” It, frankly, sucked.

I had attempted to register as an organ donor, specifically a kidney. My thinking was that though I have some years under my belt (78 of them), I am in reasonably good health and that at this stage of the game (life) my question was simply “why is it important that I have two perfectly working kidneys when I have a friend who is entering the Kidney Transplant Protocol because his are shutting down to the point that he’s been told that he will need a transplant. I had signed on to be his support person, something I have discovered that means we are “joined at the hip” for a long time until the transplant has been declared successful. There’s a lot involved that includes much more than mere friendship and cheerleading.

Since the wait list for a kidney is upwards of seven years (yes, I could be long gone by that time) without a “live” donor, I surmised that if I were a “live” donor the wait would be significantly shorter obviously. So, I tried to register as a donor against the concerns of a few, and was bluntly told, “no way, Jose, you’re too old.”

So now plan B goes into action. The recipient has no family, none. He made a mess of his life, but he’s beyond that now–for a number of years. He’s a good, kind, gentle man. And he needs a kidney. His upcoming dialysis will only help for a while, and it is a process that, due to his condition, will evidently just be a stopgap until such time as he receives a transplant.

All of his medical work is through the VA in conjunction with Loyola (Maywood, IL) for the kidney protocol. Any screening for a live donor is through Loyola’s transplant screening process HERE– I am asking that if anyone would consider giving one up for the team (humanity) that they check out the process—OR, at least pass the information on to someone within their circle that they know who might be interested. And please, don’t be afraid to utilize social media means to spread the information.

This is not a Go-Fund-Me effort to raise funds. It IS an effort to give life to someone. Should you be capable, interested, and willing, or if someone you know is, you may reach out to me at 331-442-6320 for the recipient’s name which will be needed when registering on the Loyola donor site listed above.

Hopefully, you’re not too old!!


One thought on “Help

  1. Thank you, Buddy. I do understand. We have had family who were born with only one kidney. I am old too – 77 young years. I wouldn’t think we are old, but what do I know. I wish there was some other way.
    My Prayers at with Irv,
    Old Soldier


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