Left or Right?

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

I have a regular pattern of things I do each day after I arise. Ultimately that pattern leads me to some coffee fueled reading of the latest additions to some sites that I have found feed me with “stuff” that satisfies my desire to see truth in this ever-maddening world. Often that “stuff” isn’t pretty because it’s about things that are making this that ever-maddening world. I’m not interested in who shot who, who divorced who, how many new Covid cases there were yesterday, or what the president did today. That’s why I quit traditional “news”. Long ago I found that I was beginning to doubt the objectivity of said “news”.

My coffee-fueled reading today took me to some ugly places this morning, to some real news that one won’t find in regular places…you know, places that don’t report truth that hurts if someone might get offended or deniability can’t be proven. I landed HERE and HERE and got sufficiently incensed to once again rant about how our future generations are totally screwed. So, what was I saying about ever-maddening world?

That same coffee run led me to THIS which succinctly outlines in an easy-to-read point by point fashion why the world we are living in is such an ever-maddening joint. One might want to pay particular attention to points numbered 3 through 5 in the article. Once again, God help our future generations. God help those who choose left.

It’s appropriate, since I mentioned Him, to bring Him into this conversation. I’m glad that I believe in Him, and that He is in control and not me. I’m glad that I believe that He has a plan and a purpose for everything ever, and that it is His will that will be achieved. That alone gives me sufficient hope to keep trusting in Him as I wade through the deepening muck that has become life. That muck won’t swallow me up or bury me as long as I keep my faith where it belongs–in Him. That’s choosing right.

Have you thought about making a choice and standing on it?

2 thoughts on “Left or Right?

  1. Jesus said, “Remain in Me and I will remain in you.” That’s what your comments remind me of this morning. Be blessed Brother.


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