Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

“This too will pass.”

“You gotta gut it out.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Those are things I heard a lot as a youngster. Though I wouldn’t have listened then, they were all legitimate responses by a mature responsible adult to those times when some of my-ways were being threatened. Sometimes, gasp, even scripture was quoted. That never sat well on the ears of a strong-willed, rebellious, self-centered young man who was really nothing but a boy-child regardless of his chronological age. Truth be told that same young man, who is now decades older, still needs to be reminded on occasion of the difference between God’s ways and my-ways.

Not surprisingly, those who have those pesky genes (and backgrounds) that tilt one’s psyche toward being strong-willed, rebellious, and self-centered don’t always remember (or appreciate being reminded) that God is in control. Period. And that there really is no need for such a thing as our my-ways.

Here’s the thing about those my-ways. Let’s accept the reality that throughout life there are going to be times when we will feel varied degrees of discomfort (yes, often it is downright pain!) due to circumstances touching our lives. Often normal circumstances. Sometimes not. It’s a given that we humanoids do not especially like discomfort and pain. When we sense it, or feel it, we pull our my-way card out of the box and attempt to use it to alleviate said discomfort and pain. Sometimes it works, somewhat–sometimes it doesn’t. Picture it as a verbal thing, whereby the my-way whine says with a high pitched, nasally sound “I don’t like this, and I want it to stop.”

God has a great way of dishing out the circumstances in our lives. Sometimes He just dishes them out. Sometimes He lets us create our own (I bet that brings some chuckles to His belly!). The point is, He always has a purpose and a plan for each of us. Each circumstance is a part of that purpose and plan. So, if the circumstance is one through which we might experience some discomfort or pain, there must be a purpose or plan for that as well. That could be summed up in one word that sometimes “bothers” some of us–growth.

So, here’s the deal–I don’t always look ahead at what could be or what will be. When I don’t, I can’t see it as a possible new beginning. In those moments when that is happening, I am usually feeling the discomfort of the ending of something and desperately trying to find my my-way card so I can whine.

What’s in your wallet?

You’re Gonna Be ok. I’m Gonna Be ok. We’re Gonna Be ok. Get rid of the my-way cards.

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