Do you have a big mouth?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Way back in my entrepreneurial days I did things just a bit different than my competition did when it came to promoting my services. When I had my window cleaning/cleaning service business it grew from a one-man operation (moi) to a multi-truck 22 employee operation. First, my model was not focused on mass production, but rather on the quality of the customer. While that perhaps sounds odd, my model was to make lots of money not from doing lots of jobs, but from doing fewer jobs that paid lots more each. In other words, my customer base was in a different socio-economic zone than I am, was, or ever will be. And, central to this particular discussion is the fact that I spent not one red cent on any advertising–zero money, zilch, nada, nothing. And the business grew.

I’ll share with you how that happened. It was silly, it was unheard of, it was odd, it got laughed at and I was scoffed–but it worked, and it worked great. I gave customers who referred me to their friends, a gift after I had successfully done a paid job for said friends. The gift was, get this, a Big Mouth Certificate! They were actual certificates that I had made out and I would fill in the appropriate information on them and give them to my customers. They thought they were a hoot! I never had anyone get upset by getting one. They always laughed and accepted them with a bit of pride. It was strange, the reactions I got–always positive. And they worked. My business grew. After they got a certificate, we could always find a little something extra we could do for them at no charge to sort of cement the thank you for the referral, but it was those certificates that really won the day.

What does this all have to do with this blog, one that’s all about doing life better? It’s simple. I will never be too proud to ask for help. Nor, for that matter, to promote something like this blog. Here’s what I’m asking:

If you like what you have read in my posts, if they have been of value to you, if they are worthy, why wouldn’t they be of value and have worth to people within your realm of influence–people who might not know about the blog?”

A question posed by Joe Miller

I don’t think I’ll be giving out Big Mouth Certificates for referrals (it somehow doesn’t seem fitting) but know that I will most certainly appreciate any readership and followers that come as a result of your farming efforts on my behalf.

Thanks for your interest in the site. I enjoy sharing insights.

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