It’s not a bowl of jelly beans…

Photo by Foodie Factor from Pexels

I happened to catch THIS ARTICLE today. Though it is over seven years old, I thought it was cringeworthy enough to share, if only from the standpoint that if the study were to be updated, the numbers would certainly be much higher. Talk about an indictment on society!

Spoiler alert folks……while the lies in the minds of many may tell them otherwise, the truth remains that there are just two genders…that’s it–two (2). There are not fifty eight as the article suggests (or perhaps more if newer numbers were published. Any gender beyond male and female (as God made us) is a lie and a figment of a sick imagination.

Try this truth on for size: Gender choice is not like picking at a bowl of jelly beans–there is no choice–you are either a male or you are a female.

It seems as if we live in a time of shock and awe as regards what is considered not just “news”, but what is “relevant”, “important”, “necessary”–and also happens to further the narrative of all that is wrong within our society. Oh, and yes, we must toss truth out the window because it won’t fit the narrative of the twisted few who these days seem to have the loudest voices in trying to cram this crap down the throats of a society seemingly all to willing to listen to the drivel.

As I sit here writing this, several things may be happening. I may be honking some folks off by saying what I think and believe. (Here’s a guess what–I really don’t care). Or, perhaps someone is reading it and starting to really think. Mostly, however, it’s allowing me to vent my frustration over what I see as a just another sign of the depravity of mankind. That strengthens my resolve to keep shouting “Come Lord Jesus” even louder.

The craziness has to end sometimes.

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