What’s cooking?

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

The purpose of cooking, or the cooking experience, is to produce something to eat that is aesthetically appealing, tastes good, and provides nourishment for our bodies from a raw product(s). For example, we typically don’t eat meat products raw do we? When in that condition, it’s usually tough, doesn’t taste very good, and it has the potential of bringing some sickness into our bodies. So, we cook our meat, do we not? We cook it on stoves, in ovens, on the grill, in the smoker, and the pressure cooker. Modern day pressure cookers are called Instant Pots.

Imagine, for a minute that you are a piece of pot roast that has just been taken out of the refrigerator and placed on the kitchen counter, waiting to be placed into the pressure cooker. You’re raw, perhaps cold, tough, gristly, fatty, and not too appealing in that form. You’re placed into the pressure cooker, the lid is closed and the heat is turned on. What starts to happen to you at that point? You begin to change as the heat is preparing you to progress from something not so good to something that is appealing that people will enjoy. You’re being prepared to come out a better piece of meat.

In all reality, every day of our lives is a pressure cooker to some degree is it not? Typically when we talk about the pressure cooker that is life we are viewing it from a negative viewpoint–as if being under pressure is a bad thing. What if that perspective were changed and we viewed life as a pressure cooker as a real positive. After all, it really is a positive.

Return to the the imagery I offered a paragraph back. The pot roast is you. God has placed you on the counter–He’s given you life and placed you in the world. In your rawest form it’s in your nature to sin, something that is counter to God’s desire for you. Through that sin you can be an unpleasant person, an unhappy person, a person that may not be very appealing to those around you (or even to yourself). But see, by being in the world we are automatically in the pressure cooker of life–exactly where God intended you to be.

It’s in that pressure cooker that change can come–if we want it, if we desire it, and if we choose it. We make life choices, either good or bad, because of the pressure. We learn, or we don’t, because of the pressure. We grow, or we don’t, because of the pressure. We need the pressure to bring us to be the people God created us to be. The pressure is a gift, a blessing, and part of God’s plan for us. It’s not our enemy or an impediment. The Master Chef knows what He is doing–and why. We just need to make the choice to allow ourselves to let the pressure cooker do its work in morphing us into what God desires us to be.

What’s cooking with your life? Are you sitting on the counter, still raw and unappealing? Or, are you embracing life in the pressure cooker knowing that you are changing for His purposes and by His design?

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