Are there still any real A,B,C’s?

What is the country coming to?

Is moral turpitude the new normal?

What are future generations going to look like here?

Where is God in all of this?

Where are you?

Seeing things like the above video, and reading articles such as THIS and THIS churn my stomach. Yes, I am old school. Yes, I am a conservative Christian. Yes, I hate the emerging change I am seeing, not only being foisted on our kids in school, but the acceptance of that by parents who evidently just don’t give a hoot about how the minds of their kids and grandkids are being manipulated (isn’t programmed a better word) in the school setting.

It seems as if the “love God, love others” command in Matthew has been usurped. It seems that loving others should mean loving your kids enough to teach them to reject these types of outrageous perversional thought control in the schools so that they have room to learn what is truly right from wrong, biblically.

I keep finding myself saying “Come Lord Jesus” often these days.

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