Could personal liberty be in jeopardy?

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A question which once seemed unfathomable and unthinkable seems to be awakening in the minds, and sometimes the voices, of thinking people across our land. It’s a question with ominous overtones–are we starting to see the loss of our personal freedoms on a greater level than ever before and what may lie ahead for us who value the concept of our republic and the democracy under which we live?

I was very much alive, though young, when George Orwell published his blockbuster, yet often maligned, book Nineteen Eighty Four. I recall how I felt the first time I read it–that Orwell was a complete nut-case. I recall how I have felt each time I have read it since (several times)–oh my goodness, is there any probability of reality in what he penned? Sadly, as I enter the winter time of my presence here on Mother Earth, I am more and more inclined to completely reject my initial response to the book, and to fully embrace my later thoughts.

Over the decades data has become perhaps the single greatest “tool”, and at times “weapon” of engineering the minds of the people. Data can be, and should be, raw truth yet it can be, and regularly is, twisted and manipulated to serve untoward purposes. Whenever data is used in that later fashion and then disseminated to the public through the 5th estate (the media) it becomes not just mind manipulation, but very, very dangerous. We have come to see this reality become true more and more as politics, ideology, and money have become married to each other within our political system.

One example of that is clearly shown in within the past eighteen months as the world, including our country, has struggled to make sense of the Covid issue. It has become increasingly difficult to separate truth from fiction. It has become a divisive issue because it is a difficult issue, and because it is such a difficult issue data (a dearth of it indeed) has been used to such a point, and in such varying manners, that people are naturally confused–and upset. Often questions are raised–who do I believe, what do I believe, is this data true, or has it been manipulated?. And, sadly, we often hear the head shaker–what is going on here?.

I see what is going on in China, and I am concerned. It has become quite easy for me to connect what once seemed outlandish in Nineteen Eighty Four with what is happening in China and what is happening here in America and it is very disturbing. In my opinion, it should disturb anyone who lives here deeply. Is it time for people to start drawing a line in the sand? I believe so. Is it time for people to say enough is enough? I believe so. Does it appear that “We have a problem in Houston” is a reality? I believe so.

I believe that God knows exactly what is going on as much as I believe that He is in control and knows what the outcomes will be. I also believe that He gave us minds and intelligence, and always the opportunities and the command to stand up for what is right and good in His eyes. We also have the choice to stand up or not. History always repeats itself. Like the seasons and the weather, that never fails. Republics have always imploded and died at around the 250 year mark. Is that happening here? Is the Vax Passport and all the data and record keeping the tipping point? Will this lead ultimately to citizenry control by the government, as it is starting to in China?

If that is happening, if it is our turn, chaos will ensue. It always has following the collapse of a Republic. When that happens, and it will (remember, history repeats itself) just how strong will your faith be that God is indeed in control? How tall will you stand in your faith? When it is threatened, how will you react? God help this nation.

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