It’s your own business…’s NOT a nanny state matter

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I don’t care if you got the jab or not. It’s your own business whether you wanted one and got one, or you didn’t. I could care less either way. Conversely, it’s none of your business whether I took the jab or not. I honor your decision either way and simply ask that you honor the choice I made. The choice (decision) to take or not to take the jab should play no role in how one human shows godly biblical love toward another or not.

Now that perhaps some folks may be riled up just a bit from what I have said, let me share one other train of thought. It should be of NO concern to any level of government who did or who didn’t take the jab. Further, in keeping with that thought, NO level of government has absolutely ANY right to mandate that its citizenry take the jab. The decision to take or not to take it is an inalienable personal right. Period. End. Of. Story.

Picture yourself trying to order a meal in a restaurant. Picture yourself standing in line because you have to show your Vax Passport (a metaphor for proof of vaccination) in order to get into that restaurant. Is there any requirement that the person who will be cooking your meal must show you documentation that they are free of all communicable diseases? Or the server? Or the person who cleaned the johns before you arrived? Or, for that matter, that the food itself, the food you are about to eat is perfectly pure and germ free?

The point is–the jab is a personal choice. Mandating the jab is just wrong. Since this whole Covid mess started, we have all been exposed to an unending waterfall of fear porn about the sickness. Since it started, the whole mess has become monetized and politicized and exploited until there is little chance any of us will ever know what is true about it or not. Wherever our thoughts lie on the spectrum of the issue, we can only hope that the choices we made from those thoughts were based on some semblance of truth…..and that is something that I fear we will never know because the topic as a whole has become so completely divisive. I’m one who happens to believe that’s the whole point of the mess to begin with, but that’s another story for another day. Today’s topic is the mandate to take the jab, so I will stay there.

One thing missing in most, if not all, government fed discussions about the matter of the jab is what recourse is available to those opposed to the mandated jab? I suppose to have any such recourse material available would be the same as providing an option to pay no attention to the fear porn they have so prolifically provided (and continue to provide).

HERE is a great article with resources with which to fight any covid vaccine mandates. No matter which side of the fence you are on, I would simply ask that you recognize that mandates are not a God issue…..but your behavior toward other humans is.

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