Future Perversion and Godlessness

Photo by Arthur Krijgsman from Pexels

The bible, prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, the 3 R’s in the classroom. That blend and atmosphere of healthy based education–GONE.

Now what you see above, the classroom, has become a FFIC…..a federally funded indoctrination center. The war on our kids minds hasn’t started. That started decades ago when, because of the loud voices of the minority and a lack of action by the majority, the reading of the bible and the saying of prayers in school was booted out. Later followed the watering down of the methodology of saying the Pledge was watered down so as to not “offend” the minority mix who had their own pledges. FFIC’s became such because the Department of Education, started under Carter in 1979, held, and still holds, the purse strings. “Comply to our mandates”, says the DoE, “or you don’t get the money”. School districts, which should be under local control, but aren’t, have been under federal muscle ever since. It’s no longer about pure education. It’s now full swing about indoctrination under threat. Blackmail. Comply or we cut your funds.

HERE you see the latest (August 20, 2021) “victory” by a state legislature in their on-going effort to indoctrinate our children through the public education system. You see the most unconscionable money-grab in recent times. And the cost remains yet to be seen.

I see only great additions to the ranks of perversion and godlessness in future generations. I see brainwashed kids. I see kids who will thumb their noses at sin. I see kids who will reproduce future generations of the same. I see a terrible baton being force fed, shoved down kids throats, and then passed on for generations to come. I see a society that will eventually crumble under its own weight. And worse….I see many, many parents who just don’t give a crap.

I am sad, and I am angry. I hurt. And I pray for the strength to weather this storm until God calls me home. Come Lord Jesus, come.

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