Music spoke to me…..again.

We all are…..but sometimes I forget that

I’ve loved this song since it first came out. It never fails to give me a spark and a boost. It’s always been a happy song for me to hear, one that I seem to hear right when I need that happy boost the most. Except for the other day, that is.

It came on the radio and my routine started. First a bit of toe tapping, then outright jiggling, then I started to toss in a few reps of air drums, and finally old off-key himself started singing along. I was into me some music! And then…….

A re-run of an argument I had recently came to mind. It didn’t come without the inappropriate way I participated in that argument, nor the less than godly thoughts and comments that came along with it. Thoughts about certain people, to be exact…and the thoughts that somehow I was better than them. The music was still playing as the re-run turned toward other lesser character and behavioral traits that can and do come out of this brain of mine. Such things as minimizing others, judging others, not honoring some differences in others, not accepting others just as they are….and the list goes on.

Before the song ended, the boom fell, and it fell hard. I had been so thrilled to accept, at the beginning of of the song, that I am a Child of Love. But, I realized that everyone that I minimize, judge, don’t honor because of their differences, and accept just as they are–they are also, each and every one, a Child of Love and who am I to dissect any of them because they don’t conform to some misguided mold of mine? I was left with the question–if I am a Child of Love why don’t I act like it? I have some work to do.

Can anyone relate?

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