You poor baby!

Are you thinking life just isn’t fair?

Maybe you feel that the deck is stacked against you.

Perhaps things simply aren’t going your way recently…..or, for that matter, a long time.

Maybe you really are a victim of bad circumstances, yet no one is hearing you or holding space for your hurt.

Do you feel as if you are going one step forward and two back?

Are there too many days when you just don’t feel like getting up?

A couple of my own personal pity-pot favorites are “I don’t matter” and “I’m not good enough”.

Those are my creams that rise to the top when I start dwelling on the unfairness of life.

The list goes on for all of us as we try to buttonhole, or fill with reasons, why we think that life is not fair….

and on….

and on….

And on.

Now there’s a guy hat had it rough!

Hey cupcake…..wake up!  You think you have it rough?

Maybe you’ve forgotten what this guy went through so you could have life.

While He was having it rough He never, ever, promised us the proverbial rose garden—except the one we would be in eventually. That is, after we have lived in a rough, unfair worldly life while following the examples of how to do that, examples which He modeled for us time and time again.

Yep, life isn’t fair. Living like we think it ought to be, is living out of reality. The reality is– how we live in that environment, the choices we make, the decisions we make, and the focus we have for the end picture (Eternity) is what life is really all about. We have been given the supreme gift of making something beautiful out of something that isn’t as beautiful as our worldly thoughts might think it should be.

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