Leave the light on

In 1986 a fresh voice hit the airwaves of America. It was the voice of Tom Bodett who touted Motel 6, and always ended the commercial with “I’m Tom Bodett from Motel 6, and we’ll leave the light on for you.” His voice, a very pleasing, melodious voice captured America and he became an icon of advertising—not unsimilar to Clara of the famous Wendy’s spiel, “Where’s the beef?” commercial.

The thought of Mr. Bodett struck me as I was walking my dog Kelly one day. My mind immediately shifted to my light, the one that is supposed to shine. Yes, I’m a Christian, but only because another gentleman years back let his light shine in everything he did, particularly the workplace. It was his light that caught my attention…he was different from the others on the work force. He wasn’t pushy with his Christianity—he simply lived it, day in and day out, consistently and committedly. Because of that, we all knew that here was a guy that didn’t keep a “book”, was always fair and honest, lived a clean life, harbored no grudges, was slow to anger and quick to help, and he exhibited a love that included all of those around him, not just those who were like him. He had no agenda other than to live his life as a godly man. He let his light shine. I saw that, so when the day came that he invited me to lunch, and later witnessed to me, I felt comfortable with him. It was all because of his light…the one he never let dim.

How many of us are Tom Bodetts in our daily lives, always leaving our light on for others? I fail at times, miserably so. Thank goodness it’s not like in the past when it was never on—that time when I had no light.

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