The YouTube for Life

The Bible is the other YouTube

During the past few years, this crusty old salt has leaned into YouTube more and more for good purposes instead of for purely entertainment reasons. That’s because I discovered (yes, duh!!) that I can consistently find at least several videos about fixing things, and I’m in the fixing business. And, that means that I learn new things, which translates my becoming more adept at doing things. How cool is that? Here for all these years I thought it was simply an eclectic mixture of all kinds of videos for filling in those boring moments that occur all too often.

As I sat in church this morning, my mind strayed during the message. I became fascinated at some similarities between the Bible and YouTube. For example: YouTube certainly provides entertainment, but so does the Bible (it’s a treasure trove for history buffs, for example) and it does have it’s humorous times (among the most notable, the story of the talking donkey). YouTube offers some testimonials on just about everything. The Bible is full of testimonials about life itself. YouTubes offer us opinions on just about anything. The Bible offers us bold truths. YouTubes, as mentioned above, offer a vast array of “how to fix stuff” videos. The Bible gives us a vast array of “how to fix life” scenes. YouTube offers plenty of short term value in all sorts of areas. The Bible offers us the wonderful longevity of life with Jesus in Eternity.

I’m certainly not advocating calling the Bible “The YouTube of Life”, but couldn’t you kinda, sorta say that if that’s what would get more folks interested in it, that it wouldn’t be all that bad of a thought? I think God would smile either way.

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