Great Big Cow

The picture doesn’t do him justice…not even close

In my second book, Dog Walk Talk; while I’m walking, God’s talking (pub. 6/20) I wrote a life anecdote titled “Great Big Cow”. That piece was one of my favorites to write because, as I noted in the anecdote, I had seen that huge cow almost every day for three years as I went to work in the morning. Often, I would pull to the side of the road and simply let him hold me in awe for a few moments. The picture above absolutely doesn’t do justice to his size. I hold no degrees in photography, so I ask that you simply trust me that he is huge. The brown cow in the picture is one of the five full sized cows in the same pasture with Great Big Cow, and when they are bunched together, the big guy literally towers over them.

Following is the anecdote I included in the book, and I am following that with a few comments:

 It is about the greatness of God, not the significance of man.

God made man small and the universe big to say something about himself.

`John piper

For the past three years I have been blown away by something I see every morning at work. I often stop simply to stare at it, because I have been utterly amazed. It is a cow. Not just any cow, but a great big cow. An overwhelmingly huge cow that hangs out with four other normal sized cows at the farm next to where I work. The difference in size between them is stunning, mind-boggling. One just doesn’t see great big cows of that extreme very often.

About Me: As I stopped to stare at the great big cow one recent morning when a beautiful sunrise painted the sky as a backdrop, my thoughts moved to something else that is huge beyond description. That something is our God. Who but a great big God made that beautiful sunrise for me to see? Who but a great big God made this body that I inhabit, the one that breathes on its own, the one whose heart has pumped regularly and rhythmically for all these years? Who but a great big God made me and gave me life I all too often take for granted?

Yes, I thought, that is one great big cow I’m looking at, but nowhere near as big as the great big God who created both it and me. I concluded that cow and I have something in common. Neither of us is as big as our great big God, nor as timeless. He’s forever, we’re not. And He’s the one who made us both.

What About You: Do you take your last breath and your next breath for granted, that it “just happens”? How often do your thoughts drift to God, the source, the real source, of all you see, do, and are? Is your God a great big God?

Encouraging Words: Jeremiah 23:23-24; Psalm 90:2; Jeremiah 32:17; Psalm 139:14

Recently, almost two years after I wrote the book, I had the extreme pleasure to meet the owner of Great Big Cow, Farmer Dan. He was in his car leaving the barn as I made a quick turn into the driveway and appeared to be staring me up and down as I excitedly jumped out of the car to ask him if he was the owner of Great Big Cow. He looked gruff as he stared at me and before I could ask my question he had one of his own, “What are you doing here?” No “hi”, “good morning”, or “can I help you?”

While I was thinking (and actually hoping) that perhaps he was just having a bad day and not feeling too friendly, I jumped right in…”Are you the owner of Great Big Cow?”. He looked over at the cow in the pasture right next to us and said, “You mean Moose?”. Then he smiled, and I could see him soften as I continued, “I wrote a book and it included an anecdote about Great Big Cow, and I’ve always wanted to stop by and hear more about him.”.

He shared that Moose was seven years old, and that he was abnormally large, and concluded with, “But this is his home and he’ll never get put on the truck….he’s family.”. Farmer Dan, who from all appearances (and demeanor) is a crusty old German farmer who’s seen it all, went all soft as we continued to chat about Moose. That struck me.

I’m glad I had the chance to meet Farmer Dan. I can see our paths crossing more. In fact, I told him that next time I see him I’ll give him a copy of the book. He seemed pretty put-off that I didn’t carry copies in my car. Maybe that’s a lesson for me. What struck me most, however, was seeing the change in Farmer Dan’s demeanor as we talked. He’s an okay guy! Just like Moose. And they are both part of God’s creation.

Dog Walk Talk can be purchased here: Dog Walk Talk: While I’m Walking, God’s Talking: Miller, Joe: 9781631295546: AmazonSmile: Books

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