You might want to consider….

One of the means I use to reach people is through books that I have authored. As I have shared before, I am strictly a grass-roots, blue collar type of guy, one who has learned many valuable lessons just through doing life. I am a committed Christian, though that has not always been the case–by far! I’ve often shared that I have seen life from both sides of the river, and that I find this side to be deeply rewarding.

All that is to say that the books I have written are neither complex nor particularly theologically deep. That’s not who I am. Rather, they are raw and real. They will speak to believer and non-believer alike in terms that each can understand. They address life issues we all experience, no matter our background, experience, or education. They were written under the concept that we all get into our pants one leg at a time. Thus, there is plenty of common ground contained within them.

Here’s the trailer for my latest book which was released July of 2020.

Now, if you are wondering if you should buy this book, perhaps this short video will help you decide:

As was shared in both videos, it is available through either my website (if you purchase it there you will get a signed copy and a special bookmark), or Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Thank you for considering adding this book to your library or as a gift for someone you love.

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