365 Do-overs

Each day is another opportunity to live your eulogy.

If you mess up at work, how many do-overs do you get before the company considers firing you? If you don’t study at school and fail tests as a result, how many do-overs do you get before you flunk out of school? If you keep sabotaging your relationship, how many do-overs do you get before the other person decides to move on?

We all get do-overs…perhaps many more than many may realize. We get at least, at the very minimum, one every day. That’s right. Every. Single. Day.

What do you see when you look at the sunrise in the photo. Yes, you see a beautiful beach scene, and a glorious sunrise. Perhaps you envision yourself standing there with your bare feet in the wet sand letting the gentle waves tickle your toes. As you focus on the sunrise do you see it as a beautiful beginning to a new day? If so, you have looked at it in a healthy way.

Each and every day God gives us a beautiful sunrise. Oh, we may not always see it, but it is faithfully there each day, just as He intended it to be. On a cloudy overcast day….it’s there. If where we are located we are experiencing lousy weather that obscures the sunrise, someone can see it somewhere. Whether we want to see it or not, it’s there. Even if you may unfortunately be blind….it’s there.

To me, each daily sunrise seen or unseen represents a do-over. It reminds me that God has given me, in His bountiful graciousness, another day, another chance, one more time to try to live out my eulogy by loving Him and loving others. I may not get 365 do-overs this year, but as of today I have received 365 of them this immediate past year going back from today.

Accept the sunrise as a do-over and live out your eulogy today.

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